Each season of the year, the  clothing fashion industry introduces new colors, styles and designs to us for our wardrobes. It peaks our interest, helps us in our shopping and helps us decide what we like and what we do not want to try. The home fashion industry is no different! There are always new trends for the home in every room of the house and they are introduced all year long. Some of these fade away as too trendy, while others hang around a while and even are improved upon. Flooring is one area where we have seen some major changes and improvements that really benefit the differing lifesytles of homeowners.

If you are more traditional, you know the beauty of wood floors and the great popularity of wood has not faded. What has changed is the color requested as well as the size of the planks today. Opt for either dark colors, like espresso, dark walnut or true brown or lighter colors such as light or blonde woods. Gray tones are still popular but reds are fading away. Consider using wider planks today to make your space look larger and more updated. For a rustic look, go wider, for a more contemporary look. (3 1/4″ to 5″ planks will give you the look you are after.)

If installing wood for the first time, keep in mind that less transition from one type of flooring to another creates a better look visually and enlarges the space. Many homeowners are installing wood in their kitchens, powder rooms and entryways as well!

Stay clear of bamboo! It does not hold up well with high traffic and water. It is typically cheaper than a typical wood product, and has been popular because of sustainability. The problem is that it cannot be refinished and most are created in China with high levels of adhesive and formaldehyde.

Ceramic tile is still popular but new sizes and looks are available; have you seen the tile that looks like plank wood floors? If you have an active family or animals or both, this option provides you with the beauty that a wood floor gives but the maintenance of tile. Available in all sizes, shapes and colors, this option is Wow! Take a look!

If you are looking for ways to update your flooring consider carpeting, too. Many people still like carpeting in bedrooms and on stairs and this is one inexpensive way to update flooring and get a nice look. Consider cut loop carpeting with a variety of patterns available today!

So many options are available today in the fashion industry for the home!