It is not as glamorous as installing new granite countertops or even just replacing your old appliances, but understanding the benefits of installing the right insulation in your home, can help you to save some money for the more glamorous updates in your home. Take a look!

Installing insulation is a great way for you to add efficiency to your home, save money and protect our environment. Many homes are poorly insulated so when you add insulation to your home, you  can save money on your heating and cooling bills; cutting as much as 30% if done properly.

Insulation can be made from a variety of materials today; newspaper, cellulose, fiberglass, cotton, sheep’s wool and chemical foam.  If you look to upgrade the R-value in your home, you will increase the efficiency of your home and lower the amount of energy that you use. What is R-value? It is the way to measure resistance to heat and the higher the number, the more resistant, so better for reducing the consumption of energy.

If you are considering upgrading the insulation in your home, the easiest way to start is with your attic, If you fluff up existing insulation and add more insulation to achieve a higher R-value, you will see noticeable changes in your heating and cooling bills since you are saving energy!

When installing new insulation, it is best to consult with a professional since if not installed properly, many manufacturers will not guarantee the advertised R-value. Blown in insulation can be moved around by animals or by settling and this can reduce the R-value. “Vapor barriers” can help protect insulation from moisture intrusion and good ventilation can keep moisture from becoming trapped.  Depending on your locale, you may want to consider cellulose insulation since it typically is more effective in colder climates.

If you are considering improving your use and expense of energy in your home, increasing the R-value, the resistance to heat flow of your insulation, especially in the attic, is a great first step!