If you have parent or family member that wants to stay in their home, you can make a few modifications that will enable them to do so.  If they are staying in an existing location, consider adding these simple changes for their safety and comfort:

  1. Outdoor walkways need good lighting
  2. Add a sensor light at the front door lock
  3. Change out door handsets for levers rather than knobs
  4. Install adjustable rods and shelving in closets
  5.  Pre-program thermostats for them
  6. Change out toggle light switches with rockers or touch switches
  7. Grab bars in showers and tubs, and adjustable hand held showerhead with a 6 foot hose
  8. Add a fold down seat in the shower
  9. Front loading washers and dryers are the best
  10. Toilets should be 2 1/2″ higher than a standard toilet or height adjustable


If you are thinking about a few more changes that might be more involved, think about these:

  1. Make sure there is a light in the shower stall
  2. Use slip resistant flooring
  3. On faucets, use anti-scald controls
  4. Use easy to operate window hardware and lower windows with lower sill height
  5. Install under-counter seated work areas at kitchen counters
  6.  Closet shelves need to be no more that 18″ deep
  7. Place all light switches and thermostats in easy to reach locations
  8. Use an audible and visual strobe lighting system to indicate doorbell, smoke/Co2 detectors and phone are activated
  9. Home should be wired for security
  10. If changing out carpeting, use a low pile carpeting with a firm pad

Taking care of ourselves as we age, and any senior members of the family is important.  Take a look at these suggestions.