Each new season presents us with the opportunity to get into the needs of our homes. There are many things that just don’t get done until they have to and others that we only do at the beginning of a new season. Now is the time to do some home maintenance; not all of it has to be done at once so set up a plan to start and by the time the weather changes to winter, you will be ready.

  1. Check out the gutters and downspouts and clean out any leaves or debris
  2. Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with caulk and add weatherstripping to doors if they need it
  3. Inspect your roof for shingles that need repair, or corroded flashing or leaky vents
  4. Clean out the fireplace and chimney
  5. Have your heater inspected-routine maintenance by a pro
  6. Winterize faucets and irrigation-we don’t do this in Texas til we hear there will be our first freeze
  7. Now is another great time to change out the filter on the HVAC
  8. Check out the batteries on the smoke detetecors and CO2 detectors
  9. Make sure your fire extingisher is working; if not now is a great time to replace it
  10. General cleanup of old newspapers and household chemicals/old paint. Remember to recycle the paper and check with your city on locations that accept paint and dangerous household chemicals. These cannot be discarded in the weekly garbage pick up or city dump.

Get ready for the change in the season by getting your home ready! Take some time to get these tasks down and you won’t be sorry!