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It is hard to believe, but we are not too far from that holiday time of the year! Many of us look forward to entertaining family and friends at home, so you might wonder if there is still time in the next couple of months to make some changes to your home to be more presentable when those guests arrive. There is plenty of time [...]

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I just read a great article about updating your kitchen in order to sell it and wanted to share the ideas. The kitchen is such an important room to anyone buying or selling a home and changes there make a huge impact. However, instead of thinking about doing some upgrades to increase the value of your home for a new buyer, why not do these [...]

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If you are thinking of changing your kitchen in a really bold way, do it with your countertops! This can be a very dramatic change that you make in your kitchen that will have a ton of “bang for your buck”. There are so many materials, old and new, that are available today and depending on your desire for maintenance, cooking, clean up and cost, [...]

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Granite countertops are both beautiful to look at and durable with little or no maintenance required. If you follow these basic steps for cleaning and stain removal, it will look great and perform as you expect for years to come: If you make the maintenance of your countertops a daily activity, you will save yourself time and energy in the long run. Clean the countertops [...]

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Every year, just like in the garment industry, we are introduced to the new "fashion" and design ideas for the home.These include trends, hot new items and lifestyle changes for the home that lead to a variety of new features being marketed for the home. This year, the most important look for the home is call Transitional, which is a blend of contemporary and traditional. [...]

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