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Faucets? Small Change, Huge Impact!

  If you are considering making a simple change  to your home in 2018, that has a huge impact and is a way to update your kitchen or bath, consider changing out the faucets. Today there are so many styles and finishes, that really showcase your creativity. The faucets we are replacing today are builder grade faucets and faucets with finishes like brushed nickel, chrome [...]


A new water heater is something that home owners find themselves replacing after about 10-15 years, from newly installed, with the average age being 10.7 years. The US Department of Energy suggests that homeowners begin to research new water heaters at about the 7th birthday of their current unit, just so they are prepared in case the water heater fails. This one house component accounts for [...]

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Moen faucets are what I love to use in my home remodeling projects for both baths and kitchens. One of the reasons is that this company is always looking for ways to improve based on what the customerwants. The newest faucet sensation is called "MotionSense." Have youever had sticky fingers or been unable to turn on your kitchen faucet? Take a look at the details of [...]

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If you are considering doing either large or small improvements to your kitchen in the new year, it is important to keep safety in the foremost of your decision making. There are just a few areas to concentrate on so, take a look at the suggestions included with this blog. Make certain that you have good lighting in the kitchen, so that you can have lighting [...]

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I just read a great article about updating your kitchen in order to sell it and wanted to share the ideas. The kitchen is such an important room to anyone buying or selling a home and changes there make a huge impact. However, instead of thinking about doing some upgrades to increase the value of your home for a new buyer, why not do these [...]

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I just read a great article about the ways that homeowners are deciding to upgrade their existing homes. The data that is cited comes from the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Their information shows that people are deciding not to go with "traditional" changes to their homes, but with what they call "transitional" options that focus on more "long term desirability ". Many of these [...]

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